Park House Reduces Food Bill

Park House

Some staff at Park House are unhappy that the budget for food for the residents of the elder care home, Park House, is to be reduced by £5,000 this year.

Figures supplied by the Council show the budget will fall from last year’s £30,840 to an estimated £25,000 this financial year, a reduction of 16%.

Director of Community Services, Penny Penn-Howard, said they underspent on food last year after they found a cheaper supplier. This meant they could reduce the budget for this year.

Penny Penn-Howard at a recent Council meeting

Penny said this shows the Council is working hard to make savings and added that residents and visitors haven’t noticed a reduction in the quality of the food served.

She said the money saved would be invested elsewhere in the Council.

Staff members we spoke with and who didn’t want to be named, are unhappy that budget savings have been made when senior Council officers have had an increase in their basic pay.


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