Council Has New Vice Chair After Surprise Vote

Council Chamber at The Old Wesleyan Chapel

The Council of the Isles of Scilly has a new Vice Chair following a surprise vote against the former holder, Marian Bennett.

Amanda Martin has been voted into the role.

Marian wasn’t at the Full Council meeting last night but she was nominated to serve another year by Fred Ticehurst and seconded by Chris Savill. Dudley Mumford asked whether it was legal for Marian to stand when she was not present although Chief Executive Philip Hygate advised members that it was legal.

At that point Sheila Thomas announced support for Amanda Martin and Gordon Bilsborough seconded that proposal. It went to the vote and the Amanda won by 9 votes to 6.

It’s custom that the Vice Chair goes on to become Chairman but it’s not a given.

Earlier in the meeting Mike Hicks was unanimously re-elected as Chairman. Mike told members that he was not his ‘boisterous self’ and he said that he had lost weight, as his appetite was not as big as normal.

Mike said that the letters, cards and comments that he had received while he has been suffering with sciatica meant a lot to him. And he expressed appreciation for the support the family had received following the death of his grandson Lewis.

Mike then went on to welcome Gordon Bilsborough who was re-elected last week. This is Gordon’s third term on the Council and Mike called him the ‘comeback kid.’


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