Gig Sailing Event Proves Tough In High Winds

Force 4 winds caused damaged to two boats during yesterday’s Pilot Widows Trophy gig sailing event.

The Nornour suffered damage to its mast on the way to the start and the racing was delayed while another one was fitted. That replacement also came down half way through the race

The Serica also then lost her mast and had to abandon the race.

Out of seven entrants, four finished the race with the Helford coming first.

Jeannie from Teignmouth was second and Devoran gig while Fear Not came third.

The annual event follows three circuits of a triangular pattern from St Mary’s quay towards Samson and then across to the golf course.

Keith Buchanan said he hopes the race will go better next year, as crew are willing, able and enthusiastic but he admits it was a challenging event.

The sailors all went for a drink to drown their sorrows afterwards, he said.