Council Adopts Light Pollution Guidelines

The Council has adopted guidelines to help reduce light pollution.

The report states that Scilly is special because it is possible to see the Milky Way from the islands and only 10% of the UK can claim that. Artificial light can affect wildlife and confuse birds about times of day. Lighting can deter bats too.

Members were shown maps of artificial light pollution in 1993 and the year 2000. Bryher and St Agnes remain unaffected but the problem has increased on St Mary’s, St Martin’s and the southeast corner of Tresco.

Some Councillors felt that wasn’t too clear though.

A leaflet produced for the public suggests that islanders strive to reduce the wattage of bulbs, use a motion detector so lighting isn’t constant and check that light isn’t spilling over into areas that don’t need to be lit.

It adds that illuminated signs are not appropriate for use in Scilly.


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