Falmouth Take Top Positions In World Pilot Gig Championships

Falmouth have done the double and both mens and ladies crew have taken gold in the 23rd World Pilot Gigs Championships in Black Rock.

It was a result that mirrored the 2011 final when crew from the town also took the top two awards.

The woman pulled ahead by around 5 lengths. Jenny from the Falmouth crew said the atmosphere when they rowed over the finish line was electric with the crowd cheering them on.

Crew member Kayslin said the cheering of the crowd really made a different after a long winter of training. She said it was a fantastic result for the crew.

The women in Tregarthens gained a world championship silver for Scilly as they came second in their new gig, built on the island during the winter by Peter Martin and Andy Hicks and launched on the Friday of Gig Weekend.

Helen Pearce says once the race started, it was relentless. She said she’s never had to row as hard or as fast in her life and she described their silver medal as “incredible.”

Kirsty Graham says she has been trying to get a podium result like this for years. She said the race was a “battle and a half, but we done it!”

Selena Thomas was ecstatic. She said she knew it was going to be tem minutes of pain and said the race was like “an operation without anaesthetic.”

Selena admitted she cried like a baby on the finishing line.

Selena also paid tribute to her cox and crew as well as the new gig. She said this win is the perfect way to end her 28 years of competitive rowing.

The Par Bay women in Warrior came in third.

In the mens final it was a second win a row for Falmouth.

Matt, who was part of the winning world champs crew in Black Rock, says they had a reputation to live up to after last year’s win.

Matt was a novice rower last year and he says its all about the training. He said the crew has stuck together through the year.

Fergus says the crew trained hard after last year’s victory. He felt it was better performance than last year, with much more confidence and a good race plan.

Looe came second in Talisman but had to wait 20 minutes after crossing the line to come ashore, as the very high tide meant there was no space on Town Beach.

Third in the mens final was Caradon in Amazon.