Mounts Bay Women Storm To Veterans Title

The winning crew in Cormoron

A St Mary’s gig cox thinks that the veteran’s race is becoming so popular, clubs may start specializing in the over 40s’ rowers competition.

There were 70 boats in the women’s event last night, that’s up from 52 last year and Ralph Handy says it’s becoming a highly contested part of the championship

Ralph has also praised the brand new Tregathens gig, which was launched yesterday on the Rechabite slip. He coxed the boat in the women’s veterans race.

He says last evening’s race, her first competitive challenge, proved she’s a good boat to row, coming in at 7th place, behind another new gig, Amazon.

After the first evening of rowing, Mounts Bay are women’s veterans champions and Roseland took the men’s veterans title. The women, rowing in Cormoron, won their race by over ten lengths to gain the gold.

And after a wait for the close result, Helford came second in Pedn Billy followed by Salcombe  in Wolf.

Roseland nose ahead in the Polvarth

After one of the closet men’s veterans final in years, victory went to Roseland in the Polvarth.

Caradon came second in the men’s vets race in their new gig, Amazon. Rower Steve Addis said it was tough although they enjoyed rowing the new gig.

Flushing and Mylor came third in Irene.

In the new ‘race-within-a-race’, the Super-Veterans, composed of crew members of 50 years of age, the ladies race was won by Fowey in Troy, followed by Dart in Lightning.

In the men’s Super-Vets, Helford came first in Pedn Billy with Falmouth taking second place in Black Rock.

You can see photos taken on the finish line for both races on our galleries page.