Green Light For Helicopter Move After Final Planning Granted

Penzance heliport

British International Helicopters can now plan for their future after Sainbury’s have finally been given the green light to convert the current Penzance heliport into a superstore.

Cornwall planners approved the application in October but the Government stepped in and BIH boss, Tony Jones, told us the months of uncertainty their invention caused prevented him from planning practicalities like staff relocation.

The helicopter service, linking Scilly to the mainland, is set to relocate to Newquay at the end of the summer season, which hasn’t proved too popular with some islanders and Councillors concerned with the lack of rail connection for onward medical or shopping trips.

There have also been discussions over an alternative site near to the existing Long Rock heliport.

Plans to move to St Erth were dropped after opposition from locals.

Cornwall planners say Sainbsury’s will need to devise a plan for surface water management and flood prevention before they go further.

Ben Littman, Regional Development Executive for Sainsbury’s, told us, “we will now be finalising the detailed aspects of the development such as landscaping and design.”

He wants to thank everyone who has taken part in the consultation process.

Some islanders did respond after the BIH boss said support for the land sale would inject cash into the operation and secure the future service.