Museum Looking For Younger Volunteers

The Isles of Scilly museum has launched a recruitment drive to try and get some younger volunteers on board.

The opening hours of the service, which is a not-for-profit independent service, are restricted by the availability of helpers.

On Sunday 130 people made use of the special Sunday opening arranged to provide something for visitors to do in the severe weather,

Curator Amanda Martin says some people have a perception that museums are only of interest to older people or kids on school trips, but recent history also plays its part in their documenting of islands’ life.

There’s a varied gig display area and she hopes that younger islanders with a passion for the sport may want to offer their time.

Amanda says they regularly talk to the school about finding helpers. She says it’s strange because very young children love the museum, often pestering their parents to bring them in, but then they seem to loose interest in early teens.

Amanda thinks that outdoor activities are more popular with young people in Scilly.

The youngest volunteers in the museum are currently in their 40’s.

Amanda is also looking for more recent items documenting islands’ life to add to their collection.

She says some people have a perception that museums are stocked with very old artefacts, but they’re keen to receive items that have been sourced during the lifetime of islanders, as long as it has an islands connection.