Matthew Replica Ship Visiting Scilly This Weekend

The replica of the 15th century Matthew sailed into St Mary’s Harbour last night.

She’s based in Bristol but has spent the last two months visiting ports around Cornwall.

Last year she acted as a floating hotel for gig rowers from her Clevedon.

But Matthew’s Senior Master, Rob Salvidge, says rowers from all over the west will join their crew of four this weekend and even more rowers will sail home on the boat.

Rob says the Mathew has developed connections with gig clubs and rowers across the southwest in the harbours she’s visited. He says there’s always a gig out rowing somewhere.

And he thinks the replica ship provides a stunning backdrop to our gig rowing championships.

Rob says they have always felt welcome in Scilly and he’s inviting any passing islanders on board tomorrow for a look around, although Rob says they’ll be doing some small jobs on board and you might get a paintbrush handed to you!