Temporary Toilets Installed At Porthcressa

Temporary toilets have finally been installed at Porthcressa although there are plans to move them to a new location within the next couple of weeks.

Earlier this year, there was criticism of the Council for not making provision for public loos near the beach, immediately after the demolition of the Schiller shelter as part of the regeneration scheme.

However, in March, the Council backed down and ordered temporary Portaloos from the mainland at a cost of £6,000.

Today, a unit containing two ladies and two mens toilets was put up close to the site of the old toilet block.

Diana Mompoloki from the Council says this is just a temporary measure to give extra capacity over Gig Weekend, as the units can be plumbed into the existing pipework.

On the 11th May, the Steamship Company are bringing across a tank to sit under the toilet block and when this arrives, it will be moved to it’s new home behind the Town Hall.