New Noticeboard In Town Centre For LINk

Parade House

The islands health watchdog, Link, has been granted permission to put up a noticeboard in the town centre. It will detail their activities, meetings and consultations.

But Councillors say it’ll have to be placed in a different position in case someone gets run over trying to read it.

The glazed board, which will be 1.1m long and 74cm high, will be placed on the side of the listed Parade House, which the Council owns.

Planner Craig Dryden wanted it moved to the left as he’s worried that people could congregate near to passing traffic to read notices.

Councillor Amanda Martin said she’d seen someone fall into the road on that corner where bicycles are often parked.

Councillor Roy Duncan agreed but Councillor Sheila Thomas thought the position of the TIC blackboard was more dangerous as people read it with their back to traffic on that narrow pavement.

Councillor Dudley Mumford asked whether the Council’s Health and Safety department had seen the noticeboard plans.

Jane Hurd of LINk wrote to say the sign should stay where they requested it. She says it’s meant to be visible to increase public awareness, but that appeal didn’t change Councillors’ minds.

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