Bank Alterations Passed Although Work Already Done

LloydsTSB bank in Hugh Town

Councillors have approved external and internal improvements to Hugh Town’s LloydsTSB branch.

But some members weren’t impressed when they realised they were discussing a request to undertake work that had been completed.

Chief Planner Craig Dryden said it wasn’t a retrospective application. The work had been done just before the meeting and the original request for consent hadn’t been altered to account for that.

Christine Savill also pointed out that the picture in the application wasn’t the local branch.

Members felt the plan was worth supporting.

Craig Dryden said that by re-rendering, cleaning the stonework and re-decorating the ‘Lloyds TSB’ lettering to match what was there previously, the appearance of a Grade II listed property would be enhanced. Councillors had previously been unhappy at the state of decoration.

Permission was also requested to paint the door and fix a marine ply surround to the cashpoint.

Because of the listed status, the bank had to ask for consent to put an A1 sized advert in the windows. The bank had asked for an illuminated sign but Craig said it was best to have one that didn’t light up.