Bumper Crop Of Birds Spotted Over Weekend

Scilly’s birdwatchers are counting a bumper crop of birds following the storm force winds of the weekend.

Local ornithologist Kris ‘Spider’ Webb has reported one of the largest falls of spring migrants ever here.

In the last 2 days there were over 50 Swallow at Porthloo. 50 Wheatear were also seen there and around 70 at the Airport. There have been many sightings of Blackcap, Willow Warbler, and the highest number of Grasshopper Warblers to turn up on the islands.

Professional wildlife guide Will Wagstaff agrees that it’s the biggest number of visiting birds for years.

Will feels a large number were not able to leave or feed on Sunday and were busily feeding on Monday.

The first Swifts of the year and a few Whitethroat, Yellow Wagtail and White and Pied Wagtails have been reported along with some Lesser Whitethroats, Tree Pipits and Redstarts. There’s also been a viewing of a Whinchat and Spotted Flycatcher.

Nigel Hudson, the islands official Recorder of Birds says he spotted 20 Whimbrels, a curlew-like bird, this morning. He says that’s one of the birdwatchers’ recognised signs that spring has started.