Olympic Flame To Visit Scilly

The cloister at the Five Islands School

Islands’ school kids will be able to run with the Olympic flame this week.

It’s not the same as the Olympic Torch, which will be carried by St Mary’s residents Lesley Thomas and Duncan Graham on its leg around West Cornwall, but this flame is travelling around schools in the UK.

Headteacher at the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby, says not every school gets the chance to receive it and he had to ask specifically.

The regional organisers were impressed at how islands’ children won the gold medal on last summer’s gig row on Stithians Lake and also felt it was appropriate that it should visit the first and last school in England.

It will be sent over in time for Friday’s launch of the Tregarthen’s gig when the junior rowing club will be able to pose for photos with it.

Bryce says its likely it’ll be carried around the school cloisters to replicate the ‘Chariots of Fire’ scene.