UPDATED – Disruption After Weekend Storm

The heavy object that 'landed' in Nigel's garden opposite The Park

The Islands are still experiencing disruption after the severe gale yesterday.

The Isles of Scilly Steamship Company has cancelled today’s sailing of the Scillonian III. A spokesperson said, “Due to poor weather and sea conditions, Monday’s sailing of Scillonian III to the Isles of Scilly is cancelled. All passengers are being transferred to Skybus and will be transported, weather permitting, to or from the Islands by air today.”

“We are keeping a close watch on the weather conditions and will provide an update later today regarding tomorrow’s sailing.”

Passengers are advised to call 0845 710 5555 or visit the office on St Mary’s to be transferred to another service

And one island resident is trying to identify a large square object that hit his roof and fell into his garden opposite The Park in Hugh Town.

Nigel Young says the plastic object, about 3 feet square and nine inches deep with four metal prongs on the inside came crashing down on his porch roof, cracking a couple of tiles.

Nigel thinks it might be the cover of a ventilation opening on a flat roof.

The strongest gust of wind yesterday was recorded on St Martin’s at 10.44am. It reached 52mph although we had an unofficial recording of 60mph by Barbara Simpson on Jackson’s Hill, St Mary’s.

And the official opening of the Sussex Gig Shed due to take place on Bryher yesterday morning was cancelled.

Both St Mary’s Boatmen’s Association and St Agnes Boating cancelled all trips yesterday and the visit by cruise ship Marco Polo, which had been expected to bring 750 passengers to the islands, was called off due to the weather forecast.

However, visitors stuck on St Mary’s weren’t left without anything to do after Amanda Martin at St Mary’s Museum organised a special opening from 11.00am to 4.00pm.

UPDATE 10:12am: It turns out the mystery object in Nigel’s garden was a ventilation cover from the Scillonian Club.

UPDATE 11:11am: Scilly’s Maritime Officer, Steve Watts, has been dealing with a number of storm-related incidents this morning.

On St. Mary’s a dinghy with an outboard sank on the pontoon and a couple of punts sank on their running lines.

The IFCA’s RIB collected a fair bit of water onboard due to a faulty automatic pump.

Doug Holt and Fraser Hicks tried to get out to her on Sunday morning, but the wind and sea conditions made it impossible. She’s now pumped out and Chris Jenkins is to fit a bigger, industrial sized pump today.

There were no problems on Bryher or Tresco apart from one inflatable that was blown around.

Steve added that luckily these conditions from the North only happen about every ten years.



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