Owners Can Convert Space To Holiday Let

Planners have allowed a ground floor commercial space in the former Customs House on The Lower Strand to be changed to holiday accommodation.

The 67 sq metre unit in the Grade II listed building, which lacks frontage to the street, hasn’t been occupied since it was created in 2007, following the remodelling of the rest of the building to include two holiday flats.

This, says the applicant, is a common theme on the islands at present, with low demand for commercial accommodation and historically high vacancy rates.

In his report, Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said the change would allow the re-use of an existing building to enhance the quality of tourist accommodation.

He added the proposal would complement the current use of the building and adds another unit of holiday accommodation to the applicant’s portfolio creating greater choice and a modern, well-designed flat.

Providing an active use for this part of the property, says Craig, would ensure that it is properly maintained and its architectural and historic features preserved.

In the same planning meeting, owners of the former Penlee Spa were granted permission to convert that to a holiday let.

A similar application to convert a workshop at Green Farm in Pelistry was also granted.