MP Enters Debate Over Council Pay Rises

Scilly's MP, Andrew George

Scilly’s MP has entered the debate over Senior Officers’ pay after being contacted by residents.

The highest paid council staff were awarded a £4500 increase in basic salary in secret session a few days ago.

Andrew George confirmed he’s conveyed their concerns to the Local Government Minister and has asked for advice on what redress might be available to people who feel aggrieved about it.

Andrew says the decision to increase pay is a matter for the Council and not Parliament, but says if people feel disenchanted, there are a number of actions that they can take, including a complaint through the Local Government ombudsman.

“If they wish to pay their Chief Officers a substantial amount while keeping their lowest paid workers on a pay freeze, that is a matter that people might want to reflect on when elections come up,” said Andrew.

He added, “From a social justice point of view, there may be some raised eyebrows.”


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