Slide Show Documents New Life On Bryher

A new slide show and talk is offering visitors and islanders a chance to share the observations of a Bryher man who relocated here with his wife last year.

Rob Lea is a professional photographer who swapped paragliding and winter sports in the Alpine resort of Chamonix to snap seals, seabirds and sunsets in Scilly.

Rob says his first show on Monday mixed his personal experience and anecdotes with quality images that have documented his first year on the islands.

Rob says the presentation shows his experience of relocating to an off-island, which can be significantly more complicated and stressful than a move on the mainland.

He photographed their arrival on the islands and what they’ve done in the subsequent months as they get settled in.

From Radio Scilly

Rob Lea talks on Radio Scilly about his new life on Bryher

There’s been plenty of work here for a photographer, mainly from travel companies and publishers who want images of Scilly, but also from local businesses like hotels and guesthouses.

Rob photographed all the off-island fetes last year, but Bryher was his biggest challenge. He says a huge storm started but people carried on undeterred in true British fashion, which made for some hilarious photos.

Rob intends to take his show on the road to Tresco in May and to St Martin’s and St Agnes later in the summer.

He says his Bryher show will be interesting as many islanders feature in the show and he won’t have to worry about getting a boat home.