New Church Wardens Appointed

St Mary's Parish Church

The Parish of the Isles of Scilly has two new churchwardens following the church’s annual meeting today.

Canon Peter Walker says Dave Maybrey and Brian Lowen have been voted into the posts.

They’ll replace outgoing wardens, Chris Mills and Tom Parkinson, who are retiring after four years in the role.

Peter praised Chris and Tom for the fantastic job they have done for the church during their time in office.

The churchwarden has an important, legal role in the church, says Peter, and can actually be voted in by anyone on the electoral roll.

They look after the property of the parish, provide administrative support to the priest and liaise with the bishop on local or church affairs. They’re also responsible for keeping the religious services going if there is a gap in a changeover of priests in the parish.

Peter says at one time they were also responsible for brewing and selling beer at the church, which was considered better for drinking than unsanitary water, until the Puritans came along and put a stop to the practice.

So many set up shop in properties next to the church which is why, says Peter, there are so many pubs next to churches!

The church’s annual meeting was also a chance for Peter to announce his retirement. He will be taking his last service on 23rd September and we’ll catch up with Peter nearer the time to talk about how he’s going to spend his new-found leisure time!

The church is currently interviewing for Peter’s replacement with an announcement due soon.