Guides Want Cakes For Gig Weekend Fundraising

The Islands’ Guides are asking for donations of cakes for their fundraising drive during the World Pilot Gig Championships next week.

Guide Leader, Fiona Robson, says The Ladies Lifeboat Guild have kindly let them have their refreshment table on the quay on the Sunday. They will be selling teas and coffees, pasties and cakes.

The money raised will help fund two trips away for competitions. The Guides want to compete for the Bolitho Shield and the Condurro Outdoor Cooks Competition.

Fiona says, “we will need lots of cakes!” and asks anyone who wants to donate items to take them to the charity shop on Saturday morning, marked for the Guides.

She adds if people put their name and address on the tin she will make sure all cake tins are returned.

People can also take them down to the quay on Sunday.