Active Scilly Team Looking For ‘Running Leaders’

The Council’s Active Scilly team are offering twelve residents the chance to get specialist training to become ‘Running Leaders.’

The course will be taking place on 16th June with two coaches from Run England offering training specifically tailored to conditions on the islands.

The training will cover a range of areas, from running technique to exercises and warm ups.

The hope is to train people to become running champions in their community, and pass on the knowledge they are given to others by leading runs throughout Scilly.

Sport & Leisure Manager, Tess Lloyd, said, “Running is a great, simple way to keep fit. It can be a solitary, peaceful activity, or a social event with friends.

“However you like to run, whether you still run daily or haven’t been running in years, but still itch to get the trainers back on, then we encourage you take up this unique opportunity.”

Tess said anyone with an interest in running, from those just starting, through to seasoned athletes, are encouraged to apply for one of the twelve places.

As part of the training at least one place will be reserved for a member from each of the off-islands.

Those interested in the course should contact Active Scilly on 01720 424373 or visit the sports hall for more information.