Marathon Woman Says Fantastic Experience But Never Again!

Carol Drage

A year ago she wasn’t a runner and now, having completed Britain’s most prestigious run, the London Marathon, Carol Drage is questioning whether running is really for her.

The St Mary’s businesswoman ran the 26 miles on Sunday as a three-legged race entrant, tied to her school friend Sue.

She’s raised over £4,000 for the disability charity PHAB. The patron is Carol’s hero and Tresco visitor Rolf Harris.

Carol says she’s feeling the aches and pains now she’s back home and the sense of achievement is fantastic, but she thinks it’s probably a one-off.

She says she’s not really a fan of running and probably won’t do another marathon.

Carol says the experience was fantastic and she couldn’t really believe she was doing it.

But once they’d started, she knew that they could keep going and having her friend there meant they could spur each other on.

Carol shared the moment of crossing the line with partner, Nigel, who was back home in sScilly. She rang him while they were running up the final straight, at Birdcage Walk.

Carol hasn’t had a chance to decide what her next fundraising event will be, but it’s likely that there will be one.

Two years ago she was part of a duo that cycled from John O’Groats to Lands End for charity.