Couple Can Update ‘Eye-Sore’ Property

Council Chamber at The Old Wesleyan Chapel

Plans to refurbish an existing dwelling on High Cross Lane, near the airport, have been passed by planners.

The applicants want to update the 1950’s property by changing the current hipped roof to one with a gable end to make better use of the roof space. They had also intended replace the rear extension but revised the plans just before the meeting.

Permission was recently granted for the creation of a new vehicular access to the property.

In their covering letter, applicants Rhiannon Manning and Matt Thompson said the property had “clearly been unloved and had little maintenance carried out for quite some time” adding, it had turned into an eye-sore.

Chief Planning Officer, Craig Dryden, said the plans were acceptable and improved the overall appearance of the building, which he described as “not a thing of architectural merit” although he had some reservations about the detailing of some windows.

Councillor Brian Lowen said he was pleased to see “this rather dilapidated building being refurbished” and he felt it would improve the area.

Chris Savill said it will be “a planning gain” when it is completed.

The plans were approved subject to some minor changes to the windows.