Theatre Club Holding AGM

The cast of 'Present Laughter'

St Mary’s Theatre Club are holding their AGM this week, where they’ll be discussing the successes of the last year and the upcoming summer play, Murder In Company.

Maggie Perkovic from the club says their current Vice Chairman, Tom Scott will become the new Chair. The rest of the committee will also be re-elected.

Maggie says she hopes there’ll be another young Vice Chair. She says that although the ‘old codgers’ have done well, it’s good to bring in some young blood.

Many younger members don’t attend the AGM because it’s seen as boring, but she says it’s important for everyone to come and get their views heard.

The Theatre Club is going strong, says Maggie, with a full cast for this year’s summer play and plenty of backstage support. She says they’ve just completed the first stage of the One-Act Play Festival and also had a very popular pantomime this year, produced by Kevin Lehman and Mary Dean.

Maggie says visitors give the club great support and often plan their holidays around the performances.

That’s one reason why they want to keep the performances in the Town Hall theatre rather than the new school performance hall. Maggie says it’s a bit of a trek to Old Town for many older visitors.

Maggie says there are plans to improve the facilities in the Town Hall and she hopes those will come to fruition, particularly the improvements to the ‘Green Room’ where the actors get changed.

Last year was a very successful year for the club, winning Best Actor and Best Costume awards, and coming runner up in the Best Play category at the Cornwall Drama Association Awards.

The AGM will be held on the 26th April at 7.45pm in the Masonic Hall.