Council Dismisses Speculation Over Traveller Site Money

Reports that the Council of the Isles of Scilly may have to provide pitches for travellers as part of their New Homes Bonus from the Government have been dismissed by a Council spokesperson.

All local authorities have been handed the bonus, which is meant to encourage the constructi on of houses and flats, but also includes incentives for creating space for the traveller community.

Our Council received £22,930.

George Pearson from the Council said, “This funding is provided as an incentive to build and improve all types of homes. It is not ring-fenced and is therefore allocated at a local level by members when approving budgets.

“The Council is using its allocation this year for the live units at Porthcressa and hopefully any future allocations will be invested in new housing provision.”

George added, “The Council does not currently have traveller site provision or a travellers policy as this is not an identified need at this time.”