Theatre Club Present St George’s Day Celebration

St Mary’s Theatre Club are organising a one-off St George’s Day Celebration this evening.

Maggie Perkovic says the patriotic programme will include music, sketches, poems and readings.

Maggie says St George’s Day is something she takes seriously and she first organised a performance on the Islands with Gordon Billsborough about 20 years ago.

She says it’s diminished a bit in recent years, but visitors still seem to enjoy coming along to something that’s “very English and patriotic and quite politically incorrect.”

Maggie says it’s not just older people who take part. Plenty of younger members of the Club will be performing and visitors regularly bring along their own pieces to read.

It’s important to celebrate St Georges Day, says Maggie, even though her parents used to tell her “we’re English. We don’t need to celebrate it.”

And with a name like Perkovic, Maggie says it must seem odd that she wants to celebrate ‘Englishness’ but jokingly added that, “she did a good deed and married an immigrant.”

Maggie says it’s a shame that St George’s flag has been appropriated by football hooligans but still believes we should support the day in the same way that our Scottish, Irish and Welsh neighbours support their national days.

The St George’s Day Celebration takes place at the Masonic Hall, with doors opening at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start.

A bar and light refreshments will be available and there will be a collection for ‘Help for Heroes.’