Sunday Working Rule To Be Removed On Porthcressa Project

Contractors working on the Porthcressa Regeneration Project have requested a change to the planning conditions that restrict the use of heavy machinery on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Kier Western says that keeping the restrictions, which limit the use of machinery between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00pm on these days, will result in an extended project timescale and so prolong the impact on local residents and businesses.

The Council recently said the project was on-track despite encountering unexpected snags with the work.

Diana Mompoloki from the Council’s Economic Development Department, says Kier will continue to work a 10-days-on, 4-days-off shift pattern, which means there will be no working every other weekend, but the restriction on Sunday working means they lose a day every two weeks.

Removing it will shorten the timeline by over three weeks.

She admits there have been complaints about the apparent lack of work taking place on Sundays and says it’s hard for the builders to work without using their heavy machinery.

From Radio Scilly

Porthcressa Project update from Radio Scilly

Diana says reaction from the local community has been mixed, but they’ve actually received more letters for the change than those against.

There will be no work until 10am on those days, which she says means people will still be able to get a lie-in.

She’s also spoken to the company about keeping noise to a minimum if the restriction is removed.

In an update on the project, the Council say the underfloor drains for the new library have now been installed along with 50% of the floor slab, with works continuing on the cantilever viewing platform.

The granite setts forming the circular feature next to Sibleys have also been laid.


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