Council To Gather Islanders’ Views On Transport Issues

The Council is to gather islanders’ views on transport issues by sending a questionnaire to all residents.

Councillors at Tuesday Transport Strategy Committee heard that the survey will be based on a previous one used in 2003, with updated questions to reflect recent developments such as the Buzza Bus

The data will be used to support transport planning by the Council in the future.

It is likely that views will be sought on issues such as freight and travel costs from the mainland, frequency of interisland boats, bus services and even perceptions of traffic on the islands.

Chairman Dudley Mumford felt the information could be useful to support the Council’s efforts to gain Government subsidies on the islands’ transport links.

It was originally intended that visitors as well as residents would be surveyed, but Councillor Marian Bennett disagreed.

She said the data from the survey would support the ‘lifeline service’ and “that term applies to the community and not visitors.”

However, Councillor Richard McCarthy felt the views of visitors could easily be captured by leaving copies in the Tourist Information Centre.

Councillors were concerned about the estimated £2,000 cost of the survey, which would be sent to every home with a return-paid envelope.

Delivering the survey online would be cheaper, said Community Relations Officer, George Pearson, but the number of responses would be drastically reduced.

Marian suggested keeping costs down by using the Rotary Club and Women’s Institute to help deliver the questionnaires.

Councillors eventually agreed to a £1,000 budget to run the survey.