Three-Legged Marathon Challenge For Carol

Carol Drage

An Islands’ woman is running the London Marathon this weekend. But while most people would consider running 26 miles is hard enough, Carol Drage is making it even tougher.

She’s running the course three-legged, tied to her old school chum.

Carol says they ran 12 miles attached together in January and after a few tough miles where they kept falling over, she said they actually managed to get the hang of it.

Carol says she’s been training hard running around St Mary’s although she was laid up with a chest infection recently.

And she says she’s had loads of tips from experienced runners on everything from what to eat to the technicalities of toilet stops.

From Radio Scilly

Carol talks to Keri Jones about her marathon challenge

Carol says the best tip was to “keep smiling” as everyone will be taking photos and she adds she’ll be easy to spot as she only has to run a mile for her face to go bright red.

The friends are running for the national charity PHAB that encourages physically disabled and able-bodied youngsters to learn and play together. And she says it’s a complete coincidence that their logo is Rolf Harris’s ‘Jake the Peg.’

Carol says she’s reached £4,000 in sponsorship and wants to thank everyone for their encouragement and support which she says has been overwhelming.