Launch of Key Worker Policy Consultation

The Town Hall

The Council is giving all residents a chance to comment on their Key Worker Policy.

A new draft of the policy has been written, which outlines the process by which someone is assessed for key worker status and the categories of jobs that are likely to fall under this classification. It’s now open for a formal, six-week public consultation.

Obtaining Key Worker status can bring a number of benefits to people living and working on the islands, the most important of which is being able to access specially ear-marked housing.

The policy has been criticised over the past years for a perceived lack of transparency on how decisions are made and flexible interpretations over who provides essential roles to the community.

Controversially, the final decision rests with the ‘Key Worker Panel’ composed entirely of Council Members drawn from the Planning & Development Committee, with no independent review, and the new draft shows this will remain unchanged.

Shortages in certain job sectors can also be affected by economic conditions, such as the downturn in the public-sector market on the mainland.

Copies of the draft Key Worker document are available for inspection at the Old Wesleyan Chapel and can be downloaded from the Council’s website.


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