Improved Quay Signage Passed By Planners

St Mary's Quay

Plans to improve the signage at St Mary’s Quay didn’t impress all Councillors last night.

The need for more visitor information was highlighted in the Blue Sail tourism report and the Duchy feel that, with 45,000 Scillonian passengers and 35 cruise ships expected this year, signs showing how to get to the Tourist Information Centre and where to catch Off-Island boats would improve the tourists’ experience.

The Duchy want to paint footsteps leading people up the quay and install coloured and numbered ‘flags’ that would help distinguish each set of steps that passengers would need to go down to reach their off-island boat.

But the plan to raise these flags on 2.5 metre galvanised steel poles during the summer didn’t go down well.

Councillor Fred Ticehurst wasn’t a fan of the flags or a proposal to add a double-sided clock to the front of the harbour office.

Fred said he welcomed improvements to signage but felt that Scilly isn’t a place where you should be concerned about time. He said “time has an entirely different dimension on the Isles of Scilly to what it has on the mainland.”

And Councillor Chris Savill felt the flags were targeting the wrong end of the quay. She said the visual impact of the Boatmen’s boards at the Mermaid end of the quay was a bigger problem.

Councillor Dudley Mumford felt there were too many signs and guard rails and that ruined the appearance of the quay.

He said there are so many that people tend to ignore them. He also felt the quay had become ‘disfigured’ by all the railings, adding it was, “becoming a mess.”

French visitors would be acknowledged with signs indicating fresh water taps in both English and French.

But the potential for more multi-lingual signs worried Committee Chair, Amanda Martin.

She said there is bilingual signage at some places already and, with the arrival of more cruise ships, she asked how long would it be before we needed signs in other languages.

Amanda said should be restricted to “what is necessary and useful.”

Craig Dryden agreed with the applicant that the current signage on the quay is confusing, cluttered and poorly designed and harms the appearance of the listed building.

Under the plan, many of the signs situated on and around the quay would be removed and replaced with colour-coordinated signs.

The proposal also includes painting a ‘Welcome to St. Mary’s’ sign on the gable end of the harbour building for passengers disembarking from the Scillonian.

Members backed all of the enhancements except the flags and Chris Savill suggested that the Duchy might want to tidy up the signs between the old and new quays.


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