Mixed Success For This Year’s Walk Scilly Event

There are mixed opinions about the success of this year’s Walk Scilly festival, the 6th year it has been run.

While the consensus appears to be that the event can bring in additional visitors at the start of the season, some people involved have called for improved forward planning and organisation.

Joan Shiles of St Mary’s Hall Hotel says this year’s festival didn’t fulfil its potential. Joan says walk lists need to be ready and online by August so people can plan ahead.

She says that guests couldn’t be given the itinerary until 10 days before the start.

Some walks attracted no walkers and some walk leaders have told us they were disappointed although bad weather disrupting walk leaders’ attendance could account for some of the lower turnouts.

One walk leader, George Tiedman, said he had mixed success with his four walks.

Two of the walks, the stargazing and ghost walks, were well attended with around 16 people turning up to each. However, few turned up for the geology walk and another was cancelled due to poor weather.

George felt there should be better marketing of the event.

Joan says the event does encourage return bookings and she can see the benefits but she’d prefer a return to the previous arrangement where the festival is arranged by a community committee.

The festival was originally managed by a board of volunteers representing boat owners, tour guides, the TIC and the accommodation sector.

Last year Walk Scilly became a private enterprise organised by Euan Rodger.

Euan said he’d take up the issues with Joan directly and he declined the chance to answer questions or make further comment.


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