Islanders To Pay Respects To Noel Jenkins

The Methodist Chapel, St Mary's

Dozens of islanders will pay their respects to a popular Scillonian today.

The funeral of Noel Jenkins is being held at the Methodist Church at 2.30pm this afternoon.

Mr Jenkins came from a well-established Scillonian family and took over Carn Friars farm from his father, Hedley Jenkins.

He was a significant local producer of early potatoes before foreign imports took hold of the UK market, as well as being a flower farmer.

And he was also an accomplished fisherman who went netting for crayfish and lobster.

He bought the 19ft open boat, the Corriana, originally built by the shipwright Les Green after the war.

Noel was a keen wreck diver and one of the founders of the clay pigeon shooting group. He leaves a son, Chris and his wife, Angie.

Former Methodist minister Reverend Brian Mavers, who has links with the family, has come back to the islands to lead this afternoon’s service.


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