Wedding Service Providers Encouraged To Get Listed

Registrar Sarah Handy

The Isles of Scilly Register Office is encouraging any locals with skills or services useful for weddings and civil partnerships to contact them.

Registrar, Sarah Handy, says they’re updating their list of service providers including hair and beauty, photographers, caterers, flower arrangers, transport providers, DJs and bands.

She says the information will be incorporated into their brochure and website and used by couples planning their ceremony on the islands.

Sarah says it doesn’t cost anything to be listed and could be a good source of extra business. She says there are 45 weddings and civil partnerships already booked for this year, and she’s still getting enquiries regularly for the rest of the season and next year.

Sarah says service providers don’t even need to be fully-fledge businesses although you need to be able to provide a professional service.

For example, if you have skills such as flower arranging, you could help create bouquets and buttonholes on the big day and that could avoid the need to bring flowers over from the mainland

The Register Office is trying to promote the islands as a place to get married, something which Sarah believes could bring in extra tourists.

Many couples incorporate their wedding into a longer holiday and bring relatives over for their ceremony.

And a lot of people coming for their wedding or civil partnership are first time visitors. Sarah says many hear about Scilly by word of mouth and like the idea of coming to a beautiful island to get married.

She says they’re trying to make things as simple as possible for couples with a new brochure that brings together all the necessary information to make the process easy to understand.

If you would like to include your services on the weddings list contact George Pearson on