New X-Ray Machine To Be Installed

St Mary's Hospital

Patients needing routine x-rays in Scilly will soon be able to avoid the long trip to the mainland.

A new digital x-ray system is due to be up and running at St Mary’s hospital by the end of May.

The system replaces the existing x-ray, which has been out of action for some time, meaning patients having to travel to mainland hospitals for all emergency and routine x-rays.

The new machine has state-of-the-art digital imaging, doing away with the old photographic plates. This means x-ray photos can be sent via the internet to doctors in the healthcentre or even specialists on the mainland.

At the moment, a new x-ray suite is being built in the former Minor Injuries Unit to house the system, which will be delivered to the hospital in May.

Hospital Team Leader, Anita Bedford, says at first, only routine x-rays will be taken, using a radiographer from the mainland who will visit once a week.

However, she’s hoping the Health Centre doctors will also be trained in it’s use, so they can carry out emergency x-rays when required, although Anita says this will be down to the local PCT to decide.

Anita says it’s great news as it means islanders won’t need to get on a helicopter or plane to get an x-ray anymore.

And she appreciates that people have been very patient and understanding about the lack of facilities on the islands.

Elsewhere, Anita says there are lots of changes taking place at the hospital.

A new Minor Injuries Unit has been installed and the wards are being refurbished and redecorated.

There’ll be new flooring throughout the hospital that complies with infection control rules.

There are also alterations to house the new Health and Wellbeing Hub, which will see the Council’s Adult Social Care team moving up to the hospital.

Anita says the significant investment being made by the PCT shows their commitment to the hospital in Scilly and she feels the changes will continue to make it a valued resource for the community.