Senior Council Staff Could Get Pay Rise

Senior Council staff could be in line for pay rises.

ScillyToday has learned that Councillors are set to discuss increasing the basic salaries of the highest paid officers.

Members will discuss the issue during a report on staff recruitment and retention tomorrow night.

It’s two years since the controversial pay hike for the Town Hall’s top earners and this meeting is the latest in a series on the issue which is still not resolved.

Whilst members have conceded that the last pay rises can’t be reversed, the discretionary £4500 market factor supplement remains in place even though market conditions have changed significantly during the economic downturn.

Chairman Mike Hicks has said he wants it removed.

We won’t be able to report on the discussions over further salary boosts tomorrow as the Council is meeting in secret session and the public and media will be asked to leave.

Although Councillors can’t discuss the issue outside the meeting we have been told at least three will demand a recorded vote and that means that we’ll be able to tell you how every Councillor voted.


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