Islands’ Rotary Club Recognised For ShelterBox Appeal

Tim Guthrie with the Gold Award from ShelterBox

The islands’ Rotary Club has been recognised for raising £50,000 for the ShelterBox appeal.

The initiative dispatches volunteers with tents, packed with equipment needed by people who have been hit by natural disasters worldwide.

The St Mary’s branch has received a Gold Award bannerette from the ShelterBox trust, whose President is the Duchess of Cornwall.

Rotarian Tim Guthrie says it was our 2,000 residents who raised that cash and it should be locals and supporting visitors who are thanked.

Tim says islanders support ShelterBox because they know the money goes to the needy, adding the distribution and running costs are very small compared with other national charities.

There hasn’t been a major tragedy for a while but Tim says serious events can happen at any time. They still get donations and got £100 from the Tangent group only last week.