Scilly Folk Festival A Success Says Organisers

The fourth Scilly Folk Festival was a success according to its organisers.

The five-day event featured scheduled events on Tresco and St Mary’s but organizer Ros Hicks says there could be more off island involvement in 2013 as an impromptu visit to St Agnes, at the Turk’s Head, worked well.

Ros says it’s unlikely that the festival can add performers or increase the number of days as the fees, fares and accommodation quickly add up.

And Ros says the event wouldn’t work without the support of the sponsors and the AONB grant.

From Radio Scilly

Ros Hicks talks about this year’s festival

Ros says all this year’s performances were fantastic but said Bec Applebee’s theatrical piece, ‘Oh Mary’ was a real highlight and something very different for the festival.

At first, there was doubt if the performance would go ahead when Bec was unable to sail on the Scillonian with her props, as the boat was cancelled in the bad weather.

But the show was saved after the Lishmans, who are on the committee, raided a guest’s room in their Mincarlo guesthouse to provide stand-in props.

No date has been set for next year but it will be around the same time says Ros, as Easter is early.

They will start planning earlier for the next festival and she intends to delegate more of the arrangements.

For images and videos from the Folk Festival, visit their Facebook page.

The next folk club will be on Saturday April 28th at the Old Town Inn.