Porthcressa Project On Track Despite Unexpected Snags

Work underway on Porthcressa

The Porthcressa Regeneration Scheme is still expect to be completed within the 44-week timeline.

This week workers will start to install the viewing platform at the western end of the seafront.

The Council’s Diana Mompoloki says there have been some surprises. They have uncovered a live, high-voltage cable where they didn’t expect to find it, around 5 metres away from its mapped position. A CAT scan found it, but the project team are now in negotiations with Western Power over its removal.

There have also been some delays to the building of the workspace and accommodation units on the site of the former library. That’s because the bedrock was considerably deeper than had been expected, at 10 metres.

The adjacent homes have been sent party wall agreements because of the depth of pile driving required.

Portaloos are due to arrive in a matter of days, says Diana. They’ll be placed near the steps to the beach, close to the site of the demolished toilet block.


2 Responses to Porthcressa Project On Track Despite Unexpected Snags

  1. Todd Stevens April 15, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    It was clear from the start that our council officials do not give a monkey’s about the wishes and needs of the public here. They railroad through everything they want never mind who is affected financially, well being, or otherwise. Just so’s they can cut the tape and have their pictures taken and say- “look what we did-isnt it a great success?”

  2. Ian April 14, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Strange it was not mentioned that a planning variation had been submitted to allow the use of machinery on a Sunday ? Before this scheme commenced several assurances were given to locals about the execution of the works at an open day in the old library – virtually all have been ignored. What is the point of public consultation if you then immediately ignore the assurances you have given ! Shambolic
    If they can’t get the job done on time either get more staff over or curtail the long tea breaks in the sun !

    Exasperated and looking forward to the pile driving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rant over