Police Disappointed With Maintenance Of Private Cars

The police say their annual vehicle checks on the islands have uncovered a high rate of defects in private cars.

PC Mike Gamble, who is working on Scilly for two weeks, says out of 37 checks he’s made on private cars, 34 had defective tyres.

Three vehicles had all four tyres below the legal limit.

Mike says this is very disappointing, especially as bald tyres are easy to spot yourself although he admits on the mainland, the MOT would normally pick this up before all four tyres failed.

He says with the narrow lanes here, cars tend to clip kerbs, so tracking gets misaligned. That means the outer edges of the tyres can be fine but the inner edges get worn, often down to the cords.

Mike recommends parking up once a month with the full lock on to check tyres.

From Radio Scilly

PC Mike Gamble discusses the state of car maintenance in Scilly

The police have also been examining commercial vehicles, such as trucks and taxis. Mike says the standard here is much better although the operators of one non-passenger commercial vehicle will be prosecuted after that caught was carrying an inappropriate load.

Although Mike has picked up some defects in cars here, he says islander’s attitudes to road safety are good and overall, standards have been improving during the years he’s been coming.

Separately, police are reminding drivers that golf carts used on the road must be licensed and have the same standard features as cars, including brake lights, seat belts and windscreen washers.

People are also required by law to use seatbelts. The police say they saw one woman earlier this week carrying a baby on her lap in a golf cart.