New Scilly Phone Book Arrives

The new Isles of Scilly phonebook has arrived on the islands.

Tim Guthrie from the Rotary Club, who produce the local directory, says they’ve had  2000 copies printed and Tim apologised for any mistakes that might have crept in.

He says it’s a ‘nightmare’ to pull everything together and things can change at the last minute, but if anyone spots a mistake, they should let him know so it can be corrected in the next edition.

The phonebook is a big fundraiser for the club, raising several thousand pounds each edition and Tim says he hopes everyone will buy a copy as the income supports a range of Rotary-sponsored charities.

The islands’ phonebook is unusual, with visitors often buying one as a souvenir. And most people want to be included, unlike the official BT phonebook, which many opt out of.

Tim says they’d like to do an electronic version but haven’t found a way to stop people downloading it and keeping their own copy, which means the Club would lose the charitable income it generates.

The phonebook will be on sale at post offices on St Mary’s and the Off-Islands priced at £7.


One Response to New Scilly Phone Book Arrives

  1. Jeremy April 13, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    I suspect that ppl buy a paper copy of the directory because they prefer a paper copy. I wonder if a digital edition would be so worthwhile? Yes, it could easily be monetised through advertising, but who would use it?

    Local businesses are already indexed by Google, individuals are increasingly active on social networks, and for reaching anyone else the free BT Exchanges app for smartphones can provide most local names, addresses or phone numbers. A PDF of the local directory would almost be a backward step.

    Perhaps the real opportunity here is a Scilly app for smartphones and tablets, that could deliver a premium, value-added visitor experience. Think of all the TIC expert advice and local knowledge delivered through a touchscreen.

    For example: a video welcome from a VIP or celeb, a storybook introduction to the islands, listings for local businesses and up-to-date news, information and boat times. I’d  buy it every year. £20k to £30k of investment could make this happen, and could be profitable by year 3 or 4, assuming a modest sale price.