Government To Relax Pub Music Licences

The Mermaid Pub, venue for yesterday's meeting

Pubs and licensed premises in Scilly will be able to host rock bands or amplified music playing from 8.00am until 11.00pm without a special licence.

It’s one of a number of changes to licensing that the Government will bring in from October and which members of the islands’ licensees group heard about from the Council’s licensing officer Sue Pritchard yesterday.

The Pubwatch AGM also heard that there’ll be more special event licenses on offer for later opening but the police will have more potential to object to them. Currently they can only complain if there’s a risk of crime or disorder.

In the future, premises that have generated public complaints could have extensions challenged.

Sergeant Colin Taylor said if they can trace bad behaviour to certain venues that could stand against an application.

Last weekend someone vomited on the steps of the chemist’s shop in Hugh Town on two consecutive nights.

That wasn’t associated with one venue but it was the sort of issue that would affect TENS licenses if one premises was causing the problem.

Some publicans felt it unfair, saying they have tried to encourage drinkers to leave quietly but can’t be responsible for them when they are off-site.

The TENS licenses could also be refused on the advice of the Council’s Environmental Health Officer in the future, licensees heard.

For a while it looked like Pubwatch wouldn’t continue.

There were no takers for the committee, but outgoing Chairman, James Francis, pointed out that there was little work to do and they hadn’t had any incidents to deal with at all this year.

Some pubs have to participate in the group as part of their licensee agreement. Alan Eberlein, landlord of the Bishop and Wolf, agreed to take the Chairman’s role with Debbie, his wife, agreeing to become Secretary.

Neil Moorton of the Atlantic Hotel agreed to serve as Vice Chair.