Truro Cathedral Choir Visiting Scilly

Truro Cathedral Choir will be performing at St Mary's Parish Church

Two days of choral music performances by the Truro Cathedral choir begin today.

And Canon Peter Walker says bringing the 17 boys and 12 men over to Scilly has been one of his goals since taking up his position in the St Mary’s Chaplaincy.

There’ll be a concert tonight featuring the works of Handel, Allegri’s Miserere and pieces from Bernstein’s West Side Story.

The Miserere features a soloist hitting the difficult top C note.

Tomorrow the choir perform at Tresco’s Church and return to St Mary’s for evensong.

This afternoon islanders and visitors will be encouraged to sing along with the choir at the Church, with the adult session running from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm and the kids going first at 2.00 pm.

Director of Music, Chris Gray

From Radio Scilly

Chris Gray talks about the Cathedral Choir tour

Chris Gray, Director of Music at Truro Cathedral, says the young singers are amongst the finest in the world for their age-range and he hopes that will inspire other youngsters who attend.

Chris says they have a specialist choir school, which means they’re in the ‘Premier League’ of cathedral choirs, alongside Westminster, St Paul’s and King’s College Cambridge.

He says the boys practice for two hours every weekday, straight before and after school, then spend another 40 minutes singing with the men. This is finished off with a full choral service.

Chris says the organ at St Mary’s Church was made by Henry Willis, one of the most respected companies in England, so the musical accompaniment should be good.

The choir try to sing in different parts of the Diocese and they wanted to come to Scilly to show what they can do. Chris hopes this can help forge closer links between the Islands and the Cathedral.