New Street Light Causing Problems In Sallyport

A new, whiter street light on Sallyport has got residents seeing red.

And one resident, Tony Nightingale, says it’s so bright, it makes the Hugh Town street seem, “like Piccadilly Circus.”

Tony says he can now read in his garden at midnight and unlike some of the lights in town, it’s on all night.

Neighbour Andrew Coombes says it’s at least a metre higher than the lamp it replaced and floodlights his bedrooms, but seems to be less effective in illuminating the street as the darker areas seem even darker now.

Andrew wonders whether the new light will affect the islands’ chances of securing darker skies status, which has been an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty goal after Exmoor gained the accreditation for its lack of light pollution.

The Council Press Officer, George Pearson, says the new lights are designed to direct light downwards to reduce light pollution.

He says the new model is used extensively elsewhere in the UK, and this move on the Islands is designed “to make us a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient community.”

The new lights may appear different as they give out a white light instead of a yellow glow.

George says they haven’t had any previous complaints but Tony says he just wants them to come and paint the side facing his home black, as that worked with the previous light.

The installation of the light in Sallyport is part of a rolling replacement programme for the 70 streetlamps on St Mary’s, so a similar model could be coming to a street near you soon.


3 Responses to New Street Light Causing Problems In Sallyport

  1. george April 18, 2012 at 6:54 am

    A solution is now available through a plentiful resource,
    I hope that it comes in other colours.

  2. george April 11, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    Presumably the residents of Sally Port can now be counted amongst the vast number of people in a similar situation,
    It’s a shame that it cannot be said for the other residents of the islands, who appear to be denied another system used extensively elsewhere in the UK, that of democratic accountability.

  3. Todd Stevens April 11, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Our council talk about the problems of light polution then keep on adding to it. Here they say they have no complaints??- we keep on complaining about it but you dont listen!!