Tides Prevent Police Responding To St Martin’s 999 Call

Higher Town Quay, St Martin's

St Mary’s Police were unable to respond to a 999 call on St Martin’s late on Saturday night because of the low tides.

When the emergency call came after 1.00am, the tides were too low, at under half a meter.

Residents on the island rang for assistance after a female house guest, staying for the weekend from the mainland, allegedly became drunk and aggressive.

PC Mark Blyth says police were advised that the Ambulance launch, which is used to transport police officers in an emergency, wouldn’t be able to make the crossing until around 4.00am.

Mark says the guest went out for walk to ‘cool off’ and there wasn’t an issue when she returned.

He understands the visitor left St Martin’s on Sunday morning, spending last night on St Mary’s and will leave Scilly today.