Headteacher Hopeful Snagging List Fixed By Summer

Subsidence under the amphitheatre

The headteacher of the Five Islands School, Bryce Wilby, says he’s hopeful that issues with the subsidence at the school site and general snagging issues will be resolved soon.

The amphitheatre is undergoing a considerable rebuild, which is nearly finished, and Bryce he’s hopeful that area will receive a lot of use.

There has also been a big issue with subsidence in the land around the school. Bryce says the school itself is built on huge concrete piles, so is very secure, but the surrounding areas have been sinking and surfaces have had to be re-laid.

He says, as far as the Governors are concerned, the school build isn’t finalised.

Bryce hopes the school football field will be made suitable for use soon. At the moment there are some sizeable, sharp stones and granite and until they are removed matches will have to continue on the Garrison

He says the school is under guarantee from Kier and the final sign-off won’t happen until the Governors agree that all the problems have been solved but he’s confident Kier will solve any outstanding issues by the summer.

The Council are the ‘client’ so they’re responsible for dealing with the contractor and resolving the issues.


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