Council Announces Nominations For May Election

Two St Mary’s residents are standing for the vacant Councillor position.

Gordon Bilsborough and Mary Gibbs have both been nominated for the election, which will take place on 3rd May. The position became vacant following the resignation of Merryn Smith last month.

Only St Mary’s residents will be able to vote and as there are only two candidates, it should be a quick count.

The polls will be open in the Town Hall from 7am until 10pm and the winner should be declared before midnight on that Thursday

We caught up with both candidates to find out why they stood for election.


Gordon Bilsborough


Gordon says several people asked him to stand when they heard a Council position had become vacant. He says he “can do more good on the inside than the outside.”

He says the biggest issues for him are the timing of the Porthcressa Regeneration project and the lack of temporary toilet facilities, which still haven’t appeared even though the Council promised they would be in place by Easter.

He also thinks there should be greater transparency of Council Officer’s expenses. Gordon says there’s no reason for secrecy and he doesn’t agree with the excuse that it would be too expensive to gather the information.

He’s also worried about transport links to the mainland and feels there should be a contingency plan in place in case the helicopters pull out.

Gordon has been a Councillor in Scilly twice before, both times ending in his resignation.

Gordon says he first tendered his resignation in 2001, after 4 months in the role, because of his unhappiness at revisions to the General Purposes committee.

He resigned again following the pay hikes for the Chief Officers. Gordon says he thought the 12% salary increases were justified, although he says the £4500 market factor supplement was only temporary and should be withdrawn as market conditions have changed.


Mary Gibbs


Mary stood unsuccessfully for the Councillor position at the last by-election and said people were stopping her in the street and saying that they were sorry she hadn’t got in.

She says she’s standing again to ensure there is a choice for voters.

Mary says she has no fixed views yet about issues facing the Council and will look at each item as it arises, making a decision based on the facts available.

She believes that people should take an active part in local government. Both her parents were parish councillors, her mother continuing well into her 80s.

And Mary believes the non-party nature of politics in Scilly is “probably a good thing in this small community.”


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