Co-op Wants Islanders To Stand For Committee

Co-Op's St Mary's store

The Co-op is offering customers in Scilly a chance to have their say in how the business is run.

They want islanders to stand for election on the local area committee and they are also asking their Scilly shoppers to attend a meeting during which their views can be aired.

The supermarket chain says the people who use it, own it, and there are four vacant seats on the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly area committee.

Any member of The Co-operative in the area is eligible to nominate themselves, if they have traded with the business throughout 2011.

Lis Spencer their Membership Officer says, if elected, they’d be feeding back experiences of the business at monthly meetings, attending events throughout the year, and helping to select community groups to receive funding.

But some islanders have claimed the system of election is unfair.

Alan Davis, who tried and failed to get elected to serve Scilly felt that it was almost impossible to be voted on as an islands-based representative when mainland candidates can attract votes from much bigger populations.

Alan feels that is undemocratic and it means island shoppers don’t have a say.

He wants ringfrenced representation for Scilly.

Deborah Clark from the Co-op’s Manchester headquarters says the store is committed to ensuring that their members have a voice.

She is aware that there is currently no elected member on the Isles of Scilly, but says members can contact The Co-operative at any time by writing to their regional office and they will receive a response.

Radio Scilly tried to contact our representatives 2 weeks ago. Our email was not replied to.

The company is seeking feedback from members on the island on 17th April, when local people can meet with the operations team responsible for the store and a number of elected members from the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Area Committee.

There will also be the chance for one-to-one meetings with key decision makers for the business.


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