Wildlife Trust Offers Dream Job For Birdwatcher

The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust is offering what could be a dream job for a local birdwatcher.

They are recruiting a bird surveyor, who will be paid to establish accurate records of birds breeding on their land and monitor nesting.

The Trust wants to see the impact that their land management, using cattle and horses to clear undergrowth, has had on breeding.

There have been bird surveys in the past looking at the whole of Scilly but this is the first time they have concentrated on Trust land and it will need to be the first of a series that will map changes over time.

David Mawer from the Trust says it’s what’s termed a baseline survey, so future changes or fluctuations can be marked against what they have now.

The successful applicant could start immediately and would be expect to liaise with local and visiting birdwatchers.

The role would require 25 hours of work each week until the start of august when the breeding season is over.

It’s a fixed term contract but David says there could be potential for additional survey projects in the future.