Scilly Starts Planning For Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Celebrations across the islands to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are likely to include street parties and lighting beacons.

That’s according to Joel Williams from the Council’s Children’s Services Department, who met with representatives from local groups and charities in Hugh Town on Tuesday evening to plan events.

The celebrations, marking the Queen’s 60 years on the throne, will centre around a specially extended holiday weekend running from Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th June.

Joel said the activities on St Mary’s are being driven mainly by Murray Hodgson and Richard Larn of the Rotary Club, although members of the WI, Ladies Lifeboat Guild, The Inner Wheel, The Tangent and churches on the islands will also play a big role.

The Rotary already had a Family Fun Day planned for the 5th June on Holgate’s Green, so Joel said it should be a relatively easy to extend that for a street party as the infrastructure would already be in place.

From Radio Scilly

Joel Williams talks about plans for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations

He said there was still a lot of planning to do but they’d be asking people to donate food nearer the time as well as help with logistics such as moving tables and chairs and marshalling the event.

There will also be a hat competition organised with a red, white and blue theme.

Joel said it was difficult to estimate numbers attending, as it’s high season and there’ll be a lot of visitors on the islands. So he says priority for seating at the street party is likely to be given to preschool and primary age children as well as the over 75s.

The bouncy castle will be out and music will be arranged.

Joel says a group are looking at contingency plans if the weather is poor.

On Sunday 3rd June, they’re hoping to hold a Big Lunch at the sports hall, part of an event happening across the whole country, which he hopes will attract families for sporting activities and a picnic.

Most southwesterly beacon in the UK


And on Monday 4th June, Joel says they hope to be able to light a beacon as part of 3000 being lit across the UK and Commonwealth.

Ours would be the most southwesterly in the UK and would be similar to the one lit for the Golden Jubilee ten years ago.

This is likely to be at Peninnis and they’re talking to Jon May and the Wildlife Trust about the logistics of holding it there.

Joel says he’s aware that events are also being planned on the Off-Islands and the Council isn’t looking to tell anyone how to get things organised.

He says they will help where they can but he’s looking for the community to come together for the events.

Chris Savill said St Martin’s had already started to make plans with “a skeleton programme” in place, although she added there was still “plenty of flesh to be put on the bones.”

Initial plans are for a beacon to be lit on the Monday evening then a flotilla of decorated boats to sail from Lower Town Quay to Higher Town on Tuesday afternoon. There will also be games and tea held on Pool Green and possibly an evening event although that hasn’t been decided yet.

Chris says they’re hoping to organise a display of photographs from previous Royal Jubilees and they will be planting Union Jack flowerbeds at various places on the Island.

Joel says the group will have another meeting around the 24th April to finalise plans, ready for the Jubilee weekend around 6 weeks later.